The most beautiful affliction & the most alluring curse.

November 2014.

Kelowna, B.C. is one of the most aesthetic pockets of the world, with such pictorial people. Yet I have not one photo, or social media proof of its elegance. Sometimes I don’t shoot what’s through the lens, just so the moment is mine; to fully understand the amity of that exact point in time.

However my time in Kelowna was still glowing and fervent.

It wasn’t love or lust or greed or want.

It was a consuming intensity that had no option but to exist.

I can only write what he made me feel, for there are no words that can breath illustration, of the frozen warmth that was.

“His kisses were Soft, yet Sound. Intense & Lingering. Electric.

Like floating bubbles collided.

His smile slid down my neck and flooded my cheeks, his lips brushed my chest.

His hands electric, leaving tremors with every caress.

He grabbed my hips, he pulled me closer. We locked legs, then lips.

Anticipation is so tasty.”

Sometimes you meet someone, and they make you forget that the sun and moon rise and set. Time is only described by the falling shadows on their face. The beautiful affliction is that you both understand the intensity exists for what it is. It’s the most alluring curse you’ll never have an answer to. You will forever have that infinity within your time. But that time may not be forever within your infinity. It is an infinite cycle of love for what it was, sadness for what is no longer, happiness for it’s existence and hate for what it was.

If you can understand this balance, I apologise for all the questions you’ll never have the answers to. You a cursed with such a beautiful mind, body and soul.