Is Grandpa dead? Where’s Grandpa? Oh, he’s brought home two Thai women!

Do you know what’s worse than trying to keep an eye on your 4-year-old sister?? Trying to keep tabs on your grandfather! Poppy has never been to Thailand before, watching him in the night markets is like watching one of the clowns in the carnival that you put balls in the mouth of. Wide eyed and jaw dropped, moving side to side.

14606471_10155442464254478_440278564756074707_nIt’s been a good laugh sinking beers and reminiscing about the years we spent living on his yacht in the Whitsundays. Telling Rowan about manta rays following us and monitors chasing us, the toad races and mud crabs nipping at your feat. But I tell you what, you’ve got to keep a close eye on old Pop-sticle, he tends to stray.

Last night myself, Rowan, Dylan, Dad and Poppy set out to find a few bars and play a few games of pool. We started off at Chiang Mai Saloon and worked our way up to Carnival. We were trying to find anywhere with music as the Country has been strict with its 30-day ban on music, dance and entertainment. We heard faint murmurs in Carnival, which lead us inside, slowly the music started getting a little louder.

We entered into a pool comp with a few locals (fools we were) It was a slaughtering if I’ve even seen one! Like an animal wanting to explore new territory, Poppy started to wander, further and longer gone each time.

14793986_1462342273781360_565157874_n‘Has anyone seen Poppy?’ “No but did I tell you about the other night?” Said Dad. “I woke up at about 4am, thought I’d pop my head in to make sure Dylan and Poppy made it home, (interconnecting rooms) and he’s collapsed drunk, in a sprawled out position on the bed… naked! Then I thought to myself… Is he dead? Should I check? But I heard a little snore so I went back to bed.”

Finally, we found Poppy in the corner with a lady on each arm, we told him we were moving on but he said he was staying. He had a business card from the Hotel with the address on it, so we left him to be.

After a few more beers we head back to our rooms at about 1am. Now let me explain the room situation. Mum, Dad and Ruby are in one room that connects to a suite, that suite connects to another room which sleeps Dylan and Poppy. Rowan and I are on another floor, so the following events I’m about to reveal are stories from those in the suite.

14797340_1462343330447921_2099821586_n1.30am *phone rings in Dylan’s room*

Poppy – What are you doing?

Dylan – Sleeping

Poppy – Okay good

Dylan – What, why?

Poppy – I’ve got a friend with me.

(keep in mind everyone has had a few drinks at this stage)

Dylan yells to Dad – Poppy’s bringing a girl home!

Dad jumps up in his red underwear and frantically starts moving the lounges around in the common area.

Dad- Janelle, Janelle he’s bringing someone back to their room.

Mum – and ..? what do you want me to do ?

Dylan gets back into bed throwing the covers over his head and holding the pillow over his head for extra sound coverage.

*Knock Knock*

Dad runs from the living room and dives back into bed (in his red underwear)

Mum (whom is asleep) – Is anyone going to let Poppy in???


Mum gets up in a shirt and underwear to answer the door to find TWO giggling ladies.

Ladies: Sawadeekah ..sorry for waking you Miss.

Poppy has a big smile on his face.

Poppy takes the girls into the lounge room, where giggling, kissing and shhhing can be heard. The girls only stay for half an hour, but Dad overhears Poppy organising to meet up again tomorrow.


Dylan asked reception for a pull out bed and has now made the living area his bedroom, shutting off both the doors (considering it has its own entry point and bathroom, he just scored himself his own room for the price of sharing!)

Poppy had a lady stay over last night and she has now taken him out to get a haircut. Let’s see where his love story goes!



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