My 5 Keys to Happiness

Life is an amazing experience of meeting new people and experiencing new things, falling in love and sometimes overindulging in a moment; which isn’t at all a bad thing.

Throughout life you will learn many valuable lessons and today I was so loudly reminded by screaming silence that it is important to practice everything. If we do not practice we will out grow and mature beyond what we know.

Let me talk you through some practices that have changed my life beyond words.

1. Enjoy Time

Learn to enjoy time in every circumstance. Learn to enjoy it alone. Learn to enjoy it in silence. Sit with time, let it take you places instead of forcing yourself places on time. This will teach you patience, understanding and listening skills.

2. Date Yourself

Don’t just take yourself to dinner, instagram it and thing you’re a better person for it. Take your journal to your local coffee shop, take your camera to the park, get intimate with yourself, get to know you, discover the very depths of your soul, even the darkest parts.

3. Explore your Senses

When I’m discovering knew places I like to go to the local markets, I like to smell the scents from the flowers, the food stores, the freshly mowed grass. I like to taste the local berries and try cuisines I’ve never had, I like to touch the hand made pieces and watch the beautiful colours in the lively markets.

Explore yourself, touch yourself, pleasure yourself, lay in a bath with a bottle of red. Lay naked on your bed with your favourite album playing. Know yourself and love yourself. For how do you expect another to if you yourself cannot. You must be your own whole before you can be someone else’s other half.

4. Have a Hobby

And be passionate about it. It doesn’t matter is you don’t think you’re very good, no one else even has to see it if you wish. If it makes you happy then do it, and keeping doing it and make time for it, because life gets busy. Use it to express, use it to meditate.

5. Communicate

Talk to yourself, if something isn’t working talk yourself through it. If something is working well, identify why, find out what you are good at and what you would like to practice. Communicate with your partner, do know wait until anger builds up and explode at one another, talk gently and expressively when you are upset. Let your friend know when they have done something that wasn’t on, don’t complain behind their back.