About me.



Jade Violet

24 years || Traveller || Australian || Musician || Snowboarder

The previous few years have included the highest highs and the lowest lows. From dining in some of the world’s leading restaurants to surviving on two minute noodles for six weeks with $2.93 in my bank account. My Ex – boyfriend barraging my passport at me in Times Square on New Years Eve, later to be escorted home by the police.

Living in a trailer through a canadian winter, the heating of that trailer ceasing in -48 degrees & the trailer door being frozen shut. Immense loneliness, grief & love, to then seek suffice in sex with strangers.

Ten hours in a Tim Hortons. Airport security in eleven minutes. Drunken airport check ins & oscar winning performances to get excess baggage through. Tears in showers, many tears. Multiple jobs, minimal sleep. Working hard and meeting him. And suddenly the skies looked bigger and the stars brighter.

Pretend honeymoons for free room upgrades. Refusal of entry to Vietnam & bunkering down in Malaysia. Trekking through Myanmar when the country shuts down for election. Booking flights to the other side of the world 4 hours before departure.

Convincing Etihad on Christmas eve, to put me on a flight for free from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne because they made me miss my leg to Kuala Lumpur. And they did.

The most indurated, vexatious time of my life, with too many goodbyes.


The most incomparable, peerless adventure I could have ever started.